Used for over 200 years, homeopathic remedies support the body’s own ability to heal. This holistic way of thinking views each person as unique and gently, yet effectively, supports balance and optimal health.

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Created from natural substances such as minerals and plants, homeopathic supplements work on the premise that the body can heal itself and support the bodies innate healing response.

Samuel Hahnemann created homeopathic remedies more than 200 years ago and believed that ‘like cures like’. He noticed that if a substance could produce symptoms in healthy people, then the same substance in a homeopathic preparation could support a healthy response to the same symptoms.

The remedies are very dilute preparations of plants and minerals. The more dilute the remedy, the more deeper acting the preparation is.

Homeopathy is widely regarded as a useful natural modality and is integrated into national health systems in many countries.

Gentle yet very effective, homeopathic supplements can be found in creams, sprays, drops, and tablets. They can be used to support many conditions from jet lag to ills and chills. Adults, children and even our furry friends can benefit from homeopathic remedies to support the body’s own healing capacity.

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