Mindful Brands

Your choices create change, starting with the brands you choose to back.

You're in good company with our Mindful Brands, who are committed to meaningful change. We reckon it's our shared responsibility to care for our people and planet, so now it's easier than ever to purchase with purpose. With Mindful Brands, you can shop from those that are leading the way in values you care about.

Our Values

We're proud to introduce the values behind our Mindful Brands. Like you, we're committed to conscious change. Our values stand for purpose with every purchase, so you can make a mindful choice every time.
Environmentally Sustainable

Environmentally Sustainable

Good for nature.
These brands choose to be greener by
looking after the health of our planet.


Open in their approach.
These brands disclose the
difficult to discover details.
Socially Responsible

Socially Responsible

Socially conscious.
These brands put people at the heart
of every decision.
Eco Packaging

Eco Packaging

Mindful materials.
These brands are committed to
eco-friendly packaging.
Meet Our Mindful Brands

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Why did you create Mindful Brands?

Thanks for asking. Making conscious choices are more important than ever, and it's our shared responsibility to care for our people and planet. We believe our choices create change, starting with the brands we choose to back, so we've gathered our most Mindful Brands to make it easier to purchase with purpose every time. With Mindful Brands, you can celebrate the values you care about, and contribute towards meaningful change.

How do you identify which brands are mindful?

We care deeply about social and environmental change. This informs every part of how we do business, including the brands we choose to back. Our Product Research team, who are leaders in New Zealand's inaugural Sustainable Procurement Group, review, scrutinise, and ask the hard questions to understand what brands are doing within the areas of Environmental Sustainability, Social Responsibility, Transparency, and Eco Packaging. We're always looking out for brands that reflect our values so we can share and celebrate these with you.

How will I know if I'm shopping from one of your Mindful Brands?

If a product or brand meets one or more of our values, you'll see "Mindful Brand" highlighted on its brand and product pages. More Questions?
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