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Following a low-carb or ketogenic diet? Our natural keto supplements and superfoods are a convenient way to support your body to reach and sustain ketosis, while helping to support good energy levels and sharp mental focus.

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What is Keto?

A ketogenic or “keto” diet is a high fat, low carbohydrate way of eating. By significantly reducing the amount of carbohydrates consumed, this means that instead of burning sugar for energy the body uses fat as its primary energy source. Being in ketosis depletes the body of its sugar reserves, so the body starts to break down stored fat to use for energy. With many health benefits, the keto diet has become popular among those looking to support healthy weight management, balanced blood sugar levels plus optimal mental and physical performance.

So, what exactly are ketones?

Ketones are generated when there’s not enough stored glucose to use for energy. They can begin to build up when your body starts to burn fat for energy, and they are a great energy source to fuel both the body and brain.

Our natural keto supplements and keto add-ins, such as MCT oil, collagen coffee creamers, functional mushrooms, superfoods, keto snacks and protein powders can help to support the body while you’re following a keto way of eating.

Intermittent fasting and keto often go and in hand. Alongside keto supplements, MCT oil coffee creamers can support fasting by helping you feel fuller for longer while also giving you energy and focus to face the day ahead.

With no surprise sugars or harmful chemicals, you can feel confident shopping our natural keto supplements and superfoods thanks to Our Better Choices Promise.

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