Keto Snacks

Snack smart with our natural keto snacks - convenient, healthy and full of goodness. You can rely on our healthy keto snacks to help maintain ketosis and good energy levels to keep you going.

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Stay topped up between meals with our range of all natural, keto-friendly snacks.

Convenience is key - we need easy, fast and satisfying snacks to fit in with our modern lifestyles.

Nuts offer a protein hit and make for a quick and nutritious snack to have on hand to keep you going until your next meal. They’re also full of healthy fats! Peanut butters, almond butters and sesame paste (tahini) offer a protein rich, satisfying snack on their own, or try them as dip or spread with your favourite vegetables or seeded crackers.

Bone broth is a keto-friendly, convenient and warming snack. Made by slow cooking bone and connective tissues of beef and chicken, bone broth delivers minerals, collagen and vitamins in an easily digestible form. Use as a base for soups and stews or for some morning nourishment, use bone broth powder or paste to make a hot cup of bone broth and take it with you in your reusable insulated cup.

MCT oil powder can be added to drinks and baking. It’s designed to help you to reach and sustain ketosis, it can give you the boost your body and mind needs for efficient, sustained energy.

Try our range of natural keto snacks and stay on the road to health and energy.

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