Plant-Based Protein

Rich in essential amino acids, plant-based protein powder is an easy way get more protein into your diet and is a great option for people following vegan and vegetarian diets. Try a delicious protein shake with your choice of plant milk, pop it in a smoothie or add it to your favourite baking recipe.

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Plant based protein powder is a useful post-workout pick me up and is popular with athletes. It’s a great choice for people wanting an alkaline diet because it’s less acid forming than whey. This also makes it useful for diets high in animal protein like keto or paleo because it helps balance the amount of acid forming protein. 

We have a great variety of plant-based protein available individually or in blends:

  • Pea protein
  • Rice protein
  • Hemp protein
  • Sacha Inchi protein

We also have a delicious range of Whey Protein for people who prefer whey. When you’re following a plant-based diet it can take some extra planning and effort to get enough high-quality protein. According to the NZ Nutrition Foundation the adult minimum is around 50-80 grams daily, depending on age, gender and physical activity.

Vegan protein powder is more sustainably produced and a more environmentally friendly choice than other animal-derived types. Thanks to Our Sugar Policy you can be sure that there are No Surprise Sugars in our plant based protein powders.

Whether you’re looking for plant-based or whey protein, discover our full range of Protein Powders.

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