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Living Nature
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Founded in 1987, Living Nature is New Zealand’s original certified natural skincare and cosmetic company. Driven by a passion for natural ingredients, Living Nature has pioneered an extensive range of internationally awarded products. Offering some of the safest, purest and most effective skincare and cosmetics in the world, Living Nature aids in achieving beautiful skin naturally.

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Living Nature offers natural solutions for all your skincare and cosmetic needs, from powerful serums and gentle cleansers, to premium quality lipsticks and award winning mascara. 

Living Nature’s expertise and commitment to natural is illustrated through globally recognised certifications BDIH and COSMOS, which set some of the most rigorous standards worldwide. These certifying bodies ensure that Living Nature’s products are formulated with safe, cruelty free ingredients which work in harmony with your skin. 

Living Nature believes that beautiful skin is healthy skin, and is proud to produce heritage products formulated with the finest natural ingredients from New Zealand.

Living Nature is a Mindful Brand:
Environmentally Sustainable Environmentally Sustainable
Transparent Transparent
Socially Responsible Socially Responsible
Eco Packaging Eco Packaging