We need probiotics in sufficient quantity to maintain our gut health, but they’re also integral to having strong immune function, healthy mood, healthy digestion and supporting healthy weight management. Our broad range of probiotics are formulated with strains that have been researched to support specific areas of health and suitable for every age and stage.

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Probiotics is the term used to describe various strains of beneficial bacteria that reside in the body, especially in the digestive tract, which is home to over 500 different bacteria with diverse functions. The combined gut flora weighs between two and four kilograms in the average adult. With the right dietary intake, we develop a healthy intestinal balance and resilient immune system in the first two to three years of life.

The balance of micro-organisms in the body is a delicate one, influenced by diet and lifestyle factors as well as environmental toxins. When balance is compromised, disrupting the gut microflora (known as dysbiosis) and unwanted bacteria begin to proliferate.

Healthy intestinal balance is also necessary for the synthesis of many B vitamins and the absorption of essential minerals.

What are the benefits of Probiotics?

The following are the key areas where probiotic supplements can help to maintain good health:

  • Healthy food digestion
  • Digestive comfort for a soothed tummy
  • Regular and healthy bowel movements
  • Healthy immune response for a speedy recovery
  • Healthy yeast balance
  • Smooth and healthy skin barrier
  • Healthy mood

What are the side effects of Probiotics?

Probiotics are suitable for most people when taken as directed.

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